New features of Java Servlet API 2.2

The following is a summary of new features available in the Java Servlet API 2.2. 

  Introduction of the Web application concept
  Introduction of the Web application archive files
Introduction of response buffering
  Introduction of distributable servlets
Ability to get a RequestDispatcher by name
  Ability to get a RequestDispatcher using a relative path
❑  Internationalization improvements
❑  Many clarifications of distributed servlet engine semantics Changes made to the API
❑ Added the getServletName method to the ServletConfig interface to allow a servlet to obtain the name by which it is known to the system, if any.
❑ Added the getInitParameter and getInitParameterNames method to the ServletContext interface so that initialization parameters can be set at the application level to be shared by all servlets that are part of that application.
❑  Added the getLocale method to the ServletRequest interface to aid in determining what locale the client is in.
❑ Added the isSecure method to the ServletRequest interface to indicate whether or not the request was transmitted via a secure transport such as HTTPS.
❑ Replaced the construction methods of UnavailableException, as existing constructor signatures caused some amount of developer confusion. These constructors have been replaced by simpler signatures.
❑  Added the getHeaders method to the HttpServletRequest interface to allow all the headers associated with a particular name to be retrieved from the request.
❑  Added the getContextPath method to the HttpServletRequest interface so that the part of the request path associated with a Web application can be obtained.
❑ Added the isUserInRole and getUserPrinciple methods to the HttpServletRequest method to allow servlets to use an abstract role based authentication.
❑ Added the addHeader, addIntHeader, and addDateHeader methods to the HttpServletResponse interface to allow multiple headers to be created with the same header name.
❑ Added the getAttribute, getAttributeNames, setAttribute, and removeAttribute methods to the HttpSession interface to improve the naming conventions of the API. The getValue, getValueNames, setValue, and removeValue methods are deprecated as part of this change.
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