Keywords in C++

Some words are reserved by C++, and you may not use them as variable names. These are keywords used by the compiler to control your program. Keywords include if, while, for, and main. Your compiler manual should provide a complete list, but generally, any reasonable name for a variable is almost certainly not a keyword.

DO define a variable by writing the type, then the variable name. DO use meaningful variable names. DO remember that C++ is case sensitive. DON'T use C++ keywords as variable names. DO understand the number of bytes each variable type consumes in memory, and what values can be stored in variables of that type. DON'T use unsigned variables for negative numbers.

Creating More Than One Variable at a Time

You can create more than one variable of the same type in one statement by writing the type and then the variable names, separated by commas. For example:
unsigned int myAge, myWeight;   // two unsigned int variables
long area, width, length;       // three longs
As you can see, myAge and myWeight are each declared as unsigned integer variables. The second line declares three individual long variables named area, width, and length. The type (long) is assigned to all the variables, so you cannot mix types in one definition statement
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