SAD-Output Design

Computer output is the most important and direct source of information to the user. The output should be efficient and intelligible and help the user in decision-making. A major form of output is a hard copy from computer. Printout should be designed around the output requirements of the user. The following media devices are available for providing computer-based output:

1.MICR readers.
2.Line, matrix, and daisy wheel printers
3.Computer Output Microfilm (COM)
4.CRT screen display
5.Graph plotters.
6.Audio responses

In addition to deciding on the output device the systems analyst must consider the print format and the editing for the final printout. Editing ranges from suppressing zeroes to merging selected records. Every printed output should have the following
  •  Each output should have a name or title.
  •  Provide a sample of the output layout.
  •  State the content of each field whether it has zeroes, spaces or characters.
  •  Specify the procedure for proving the accuracy of output data.
In online applications, information is displayed on the screen. The user is allowed to review the sample screens to judge the quality of the output.
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