CST(53)-Limitations of the Flat Transaction

The limitations of the flat transaction are
  1. Compound business transactions that need to be partially rolled back.
  2. Business transactions with the humans in the loop.
  3. Business transactions that span long periods of time
  4. Business transactions with lot of bulk.
  5. Business transactions that span across companies or the internet.
The classical examples is a complex trip that includes travel arrangements , hotel reservations and a car rental. If I want to cancel the car reservations alone , we cannot do that in a flat transactions since entire transactions will be rolled back..

This is a classical GUI based client server transaction where a set of choices are presented to the user on a set of choices are presented to the user on a screen and the server must wait for the decision.

There may be typical engineering computer aided design transactions that may require CAD managed components to be worked on form days and passed from engineer to engineer . The CAD transactions must be able to suspend itself and resume from shutdowns etc.

When there are one million record updates under the transactional control the entire transaction is rolled back. 
Very few companies will allow an external TP monitor or a database to synchronize in real time a transaction on their external TP monitor using a two phase commit.
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