HTML and XHTML Standard Attributes

The attributes listed below are standard and are supported by all HTML and XHTML tags, with a few exceptions.

Core Attributes

Not valid in base, head, html, meta, param, script, style, and title elements.
Attribute Value Description
class class_rule or style_rule The class of the element. Used to specify a class in the style sheet.
id id_name A unique id for the element. Used with CSS or JavaScript
style style_definition An inline style definition
title tooltip_text  A text to display in a tool tip

Language Attributes

Not valid in base, br, frame, frameset, hr, iframe, param, and script elements.
Attribute Value Description
dir ltr | rtl Sets the text direction
lang language_code Sets the language code for the enclosed content. Language code reference

Keyboard Attributes

Attribute Value Description
accesskey character Sets a keyboard shortcut to access an element
tabindex number Sets the tab order of an element
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