HTML col width Attribute

Definition and Usage

The width attribute specifies width of the table cells in the column.
If this attribute is not specified, the table cells will take as much (or little) room as they need.
This attribute overrides any width set in the <colgroup> element


<col width="length" />

Syntax Example

<col width="60px" />

Attribute Values

Value Description
pixels Length in pixels (like "100px", or just "100").
percent Length in percent of entire table (like "20%").
relative_length Relative length is a W3C standard that is not implemented in any of the major browsers.Relative length is a way of splitting all available pixels (if a table length is 100 pixels, and the first column uses 20 px, and the second uses 50%, available pixels will be 30px). The available pixels are shared using parts, one part is set like this: "1*". The available pixels are divided into the set parts.
Example: If 30 pixels are available, you can have one relative length "1*" and one "2*", this will be interpreted as 10 and 20 pixels (think of this as 1* = 1 part, and 2* = 2 parts).

Browser Support

The attribute is supported in all major browsers.
Note: None of the browsers support the relative_length value of this attribute.
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