HTML frameset tag


A simple three-framed page:
<frameset cols="25%,50%,25%">
  <frame src="frame_a.htm" />
  <frame src="frame_b.htm" />
  <frame src="frame_c.htm" />

Definition and Usage

The <frameset> tag defines a frameset.
The frameset element holds two or more frame elements. Each frame element holds a separate document.
The frameset element states only how many columns or rows there will be in the frameset.

Browser Support

The <frameset> tag is supported in all major browsers.

Differences Between HTML and XHTML


Tips and Notes

Note: If you want to validate a page containing frames, be sure the doctype is set to "Frameset DTD".
Important: You cannot use the body element together with the frameset element. However, if you add a <noframes> tag containing some text for browsers that do not support frames, you will have to enclose the text in a body element.

Optional Attributes

DTD indicates in which DTD the attribute is allowed. S=Strict, T=Transitional, and F=Frameset.

Attribute Value Description DTD
cols pixels
Defines the number and size of columns in a frameset F
rows pixels
Defines the number and size of rows in a frameset F

Standard Attributes

Only allowed in XHTML 1.0 Frameset DTD!!

id, class, title, style
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