HTML img width Attribute

Definition and Usage

The width attribute specifies the width of the image.
The height, and width attributes are set to let the browser know how big the image is, so it can reserve space for the image in the page layout. If these attributes are not set, the site layout will change during loading (while waiting for images to load).
Note: Rescaling images is not good coding practice. Downsizing a large image to fit your site will use more bandwidth than necessary. It is better to manually rescale the image before using it in your website.


<img width="length" />

Syntax Example

<a type="text/html">

Attribute Values

Value Description
pixels Specify image width in pixels (like "100px", or just "100")
percent Specify image width in percent of the containing element (like "20%")

Browser Support

The attribute is supported in all major browsers.
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