HTML Input align Attribute

Definition and Usage

The align attribute specifies the alignment of the image in relation to it's surrounding elements.
This attribute is only used if the type attribute of the input element is set to "image".

Compatibility Notes

The align attribute of the input element was deprecated in HTML 4.01 and is not supported in XHTML 1.0 Strict DTD.
Use CSS instead.
CSS syntax: <input style="float:left" />


<input align="alignment" />

Syntax Example

<input align="left" />

Attribute Values

Value Description
left Align the image to the left.
right Align the image to the right.
top Top align the image.
texttop Align the image to the top of the tallest text.
middle Middle align the image.
absmiddle Align the image to the absolute middle.
baseline Align the image to the bottom of the lowest text.
bottom Bottom align the image.
absbottom Align the image to the absolute bottom.

Browser Support

The "left" and "right" values seems to work in all browsers. The rest of the attribute values are poorly supported.


<form action="">
<input type="image" src="input_image.gif" align="left" />
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