HTML a rev Attribute

Definition and Usage

The rev attribute specifies the relationship between the current page and the URL (web resource).
The rev attribute is the reverse of the rel attribute. The rev defines the current document is in relation to the target URL.


<a rev="relationship">

Syntax Example

<a rev="subsection">

Attribute Values

Value Description
alternate An alternate version of the document (i.e. print page, translated or mirror).
stylesheet An external style sheet for the document.
start The first document in a selection.
next The next document in the current selection.
prev The previous document in the current selection.
contents A table of contents for the document.
index An index for the document.
glossary A glossary (explanation) of words used in the document.
copyright A document containing copyright information.
chapter A chapter of a selection of documents.
section A section of a selection of documents.
subsection A subsection of a selection of documents.
appendix An appendix of a selection of documents.
help A help document.
bookmark A related document.

Browser Support

The attribute is supported in all major browsers.
Note: Most browsers do not use this attribute in any way. However, search engines, and some browsers, may us this attribute to get more information about the link.


Source Output
<p><a href="default.asp" rev="subsection">
HTML Reference</a></p>
HTML Reference
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