HTML em, strong, dfn, code, samp, kbd, var, cite tags


Format text in a document:
<em>Emphasized text</em>
<strong>Strong text</strong>
<dfn>Definition term</dfn>
<code>Computer code text</code>
<samp>Sample computer code text</samp>
<kbd>Keyboard text</kbd>

Definition and Usage

The <em>, <strong>, <dfn>, <code>, <samp>, <kbd>, <var>, and <cite> tags are all phrase tags. They are not deprecated, but it is possible to achieve richer effect with CSS.

<em> Renders as emphasized text
<strong> Renders as strong emphasized text
<dfn> Defines a definition term
<code> Defines computer code text
<samp> Defines sample computer code
<kbd> Defines keyboard text
<var> Defines a variable
<cite> Defines a citation

Browser Support

The <em>, <strong>, <dfn>, <code>, <samp>, <kbd>, <var>, and <cite> tags are supported in all major browsers.

Differences Between HTML and XHTML

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