SAD-Characteristics Of A System

There are five types of characteristics for a system. They are

1. Organization
2. Interaction
3. Interdependence
4. Integration
5. A central objective


Organization implies structure and order. It can also be defined as the arrangement of components that helps to achieve objectives.

For eg: - in the design of a business system, the hierarchical relationships starting with the president on top and leading towards the workers represents the organization structure. So this gives the authority structure and specifies the formal flow of communication.

Like wise a computer system is designed around an input device, a central processing unit, an output device and one or more storage units.


Interaction refers to the manner in which each component functions with other components of the, there should be an interrelationship between each components of a system.

For eg: - in an organization there should be interaction between purchase department and production department, same way advertising with sales, payroll with personnel.
In computer system, the central processing unit must interact with the input device to solve a problem. In turn the main memory holds programs and data that the arithmetic unit uses for computation.


This is one of the important characteristics of a system.
Interdependence means the parts or the components of an organization or computer system depend on one another. Each component or parts should depend on other components of an organization. One component or subsystem depends on the input of another subsystem for proper functioning, ie, the output of one subsystem is required input for another subsystem. For example:  - A decision to computerize an application is initiated by the user, analyzed and designed by the analyst, programmed and tested by the computer operator. In the below figure:- none of these persons can perform properly without the required input from others in the computer center subsystem.


Integration refers to the holism of systems. Synthesis follows analysis to achieve the central objective of the organization. It is concerned with how a system is tied together. It is more than sharing a physical part or location. It means that parts of the system work together within the system even though each part performs a unique function.


The last characteristic of a system is its central objective. Objectives may be real or stated. The important point is that users must know the central objective of a computer application early in the analysis for a successful design and conversion.

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