ADO GetChunk Method

The GetChunk method returns a variant that contains all or a part of the contents of a large text or binary data Field object.

This method can divide long values into small portions, so if the system memory is limited and can't deal with long values, this method can be used.

When the GetChunk method is called, it starts to retrieve data from where the previous GetChunk call ended, as long as you stay on the same field in the current record.

You can use the GetChunk method for a field if the Attributes property of a Field object is set to adFldLong.

Note: There has to be a current record when you use the GetChunk method on a Field object.

Note: This method does not work on Field objects of a Record object.



Parameter Description
size A long value that is the number of bytes or characters to be returned. If size>remaining data, this method returns only the remaining data without empty spaces. If the field is empty, it returns a null value.

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