ADO Mode Property

The Mode property sets or returns a ConnectModeEnum value that indicates the permission for modifying data in a Connection, Record, or Stream object. This property is read/write when an object is closed, and read-only when an object is open.
  • Connection object - Default is adModeUnknown
  • Record object - Default is adModeRead
  • Stream object - Default is adModeRead or adModeUnknown
Note: This property can be set only when the Connection object is closed.




set conn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")


Constant Value Description
adModeUnknown 0 Permissions have not been set or cannot be determined.
adModeRead 1 Read-only.
adModeWrite 2 Write-only.
adModeReadWrite 3 Read/write.
adModeShareDenyRead 4 Prevents others from opening a connection with read permissions.
adModeShareDenyWrite 8 Prevents others from opening a connection with write permissions.
adModeShareExclusive 12 Prevents others from opening a connection.
adModeShareDenyNone 16 Allows others to open a connection with any permissions.
adModeRecursive 0x400000 Used with adModeShareDenyNone, adModeShareDenyWrite, or adModeShareDenyRead to set permissions on all sub-records of the current Record.

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