ADO OpenSchema Method

The OpenSchema method returns a Recordset object with schema information from the provider about the data source. For example, schema information can include the names of the tables, names of the columns in the tables, and the data type of each column. The Recordset will be opened as a read-only recordset.


Set rs=objconn.OpenSchema(querytype,criteria,schemaid)

Parameter Description
querytype Required. A SchemaEnum value that represents the type of schema query to runNote: The OLEDB specification only require 3 of the SchemaEnum values to be supported. These are adSchemaTables, adSchemaColumns, and the adSchemaProviderTypes
criteria Optional. An array of query constraints for each querytype option, as listed in SchemaEnum
schemaid The GUID for a provider-schema query not defined by the OLE DB specification. Required if querytype is set to adSchemaProviderSpecific

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