ADO Resync Method

The Resync method refreshes the data in a Recordset.

Tip: Use this method to resynchronize the Recordset with the database. If you want to see changes in the database and you are using a static or forward-only Recordset, this method is useful.

Note: This method does not re-execute the Recordset, so new records in the database will NOT be visible.


objRecordset.Resync affectrecords,resyncvalues

Parameter Description
affectrecords Optional. An AffectEnum value that specifies which records this method will affect. Default is adAffectAll
resyncvalues Optional. A ResyncEnum value that specifies if underlying values are overwritten. Default is adResyncAllValues

AffectEnum Values

Constant Value Description
adAffectCurrent 1 Affects only the current record
adAffectGroup 2 Affects only records that satisfy the Filter setting (Filter must be set to a FilterGroupEnum value or an array of Bookmarks)
adAffectAll 3 Affects all records if there is no Filter. Affects only visible records in the current chapter if Filter is set to a string criteria. Affect all rows of the Recordset if Filter is set to a FilterGroupEnum value or an array of Bookmarks
adAffectAllChapters 4 Affects all records in all child Recordset, including those hidden by a currently applied filter

ResyncEnum Values

Constant Value Description
adResyncAllValues 2 Default. Overwrites data, and pending updates are canceled
adResyncUnderlyingValues 1 Does not overwrite data, and pending updates are not canceled

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