ADO SaveToFile Method

The SaveToFile method is used to save the binary contents of an open Stream object to a local file.

Note: After a call to this method, the current position in the stream is set to the beginning of the stream (Position=0).


objStream.SaveToFile filename,opt

Parameter Description
filename Required. The name of the file to save the contents of the Stream object
opt Optional. A SaveOptionsEnum value that specifies whether a file should be created if it does not exist or overwritten. Default is adSaveCreateNotExist. The values can be combined with the AND operator

SaveOptionsEnum Values

Constant Value Description
adSaveCreateNotExist 1 Default. Creates a new file if the file does not already exist
adSaveCreateOverWrite 2 Overwrites the file with the data from the currently open Stream object, if the file already exists

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