CSS clip Property


The clip property sets the shape of an element.
What happens if an image is larger than the element it goes inside? - The "clip" property lets you specify the dimensions of an element that should be visible, and the element is clipped into this shape, and displayed.
Note: This property cannot be used for elements with an "overflow" property set to "visible".
Inherited: No

JavaScript Syntax

CSS properties can also be dynamically changed with a JavaScript.
Scripting Syntax:"rect(0px,50px,50px,0px)"


clip: rect(10px, 5px, 10px, 5px)

Possible Values

Value Description
shape Sets the shape of the element. The valid shape value is: rect (top, right, bottom, left)
auto Default. The browser sets the shape of the element

Goto CSS3 and CSS2 complete reference
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