HTML del cite Attribute

Definition and Usage

The cite attribute specifies when the text or element was deleted.


<del datetime="date_and_time">

Syntax Example

<del datetime="2008-10-31">

Attribute Values

Value Description
date_and_time A date (can also include time) that specifies when text was removed.The format for setting the date is: YYYY-MM-DD
You can also set the date and time, then format is: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSTZD
Explanation of letters:
  • YYYY - Year (like 2008)
  • MM - Month (like 10 for October)
  • DD - Day (Like 30)
  • T - The character T is required to separate the date from time
  • HH - Hour (like 13 for 1 PM)
  • MM - Minutes (like 53)
  • SS -  Seconds (like 37)
  • TZD - Time Zone Designator. The character Z specifies UTC (Universal Time Coordinates), if the time is not UTC time, you can use +/-HH:MM to specify hours and minutes ahead or behind the UTC time (like +01:00)

Browser Support

Major browsers do not use this attribute in any way. However, search engines may use this attribute to get more information about the deleted element.


Source Output
<p>The weather today is 
<del datetime="2008-07-31">nice</del> cloudy</p>
The weather today is
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