HTML ins cite Attribute

Definition and Usage

The cite attribute specifies when the text or element was inserted.


<ins datetime="date_time">

Syntax Example

<ins datetime="2008-09-10">

Attribute Values

Value Description
date_time A date (can also include time) that specifies when text was added.The format for setting the date is: YYYY-MM-DD
You can also set the date and time, then format is: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSTZD
Explanation of letters:
  • YYYY - Year (like 2008)
  • MM - Month (like 07 for July)
  • DD - Day (Like 30)
  • T - The character T is required to separate the date from time
  • HH - Hour (like 13 for 1 PM)
  • MM - Minutes (like 53)
  • SS -  Seconds (like 37)
  • TZD - Time Zone Designator. The character Z specifies UTC (Universal Time Coordinates), if the time is not UTC time, you can use +/-HH:MM to specify hours and minutes ahead or behind the UTC time (like +01:00)

Browser Support

Note: None of the major browsers do not use this attribute in any way. However, search engines, and some specialty browsers, may use this attribute to get more information about the inserted element.


Source Output
<p>The weather today is 
<ins datetime="2008-09-10">cold and</ins> cloudy</p>
The weather today is
cold and
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