JavaScript Boolean Object Reference

The Boolean Object

The Boolean object represents two values: "true" or "false".

Syntax for creating a Boolean object:

var myBool=new Boolean(value)

Note: If the value parameter is omitted, or is 0, -0, null, "", false, undefined, or NaN, the object is set to false. Otherwise it is set to true (even with the string "false")!

Boolean Object Properties

FF: Firefox, N: Netscape, IE: Internet Explorer

Property Description FF N IE 
constructor Returns a reference to the Boolean function that created the object 1 2 4
prototype Allows you to add properties and methods to the object 1 2 4

Boolean Object Methods

Method Description FF N IE
toSource() Returns the source code of the object 1 4 -
toString() Converts a Boolean value to a string and returns the result 1 4 4
valueOf() Returns the primitive value of a Boolean object 1 4 4
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