JavaScript Number Object Reference

The Number Object

The Number object is an object wrapper for primitive numeric values.

Syntax for creating a Number object:

var myNum=new Number(number);

Note: If the number parameter cannot be converted into a number, it returns NaN.

Number Object Properties

FF: Firefox, IE: Internet Explorer

Property Description FF IE
constructor Returns a reference to the Number function that created the object 1 4
MAX_VALUE Returns the largest possible value in JavaScript 1 4
MIN_VALUE Returns the smallest possible value in JavaScript 1 4
NaN Represents "Not-a-number" value 1 4
NEGATIVE_INFINITY Represents a value that is less than MIN_VALUE 1 4
POSITIVE_INFINITY Represents a value that is greater than MAX_VALUE 1 4
prototype Allows you to add properties and methods to the object 1 4

Number Object Methods

Method Description FF IE
toExponential() Converts the value of the object into an exponential notation 1 5.5
toFixed() Formats a number to the specified number of decimals 1 5.5
toPrecision() Converts a number into a number with a specified number of digits 1 5.5
toString() Converts the Number object into a string 1 4
valueOf() Returns the value of the Number object 1 4
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