JavaScript onmousedown Event

Definition and Usage

The onmousedown event occurs when a mouse button is clicked.



Parameter Description
SomeJavaScriptCode Required. Specifies a JavaScript to be executed when the event occurs.

Supported by the following HTML tags:

<a>, <address>, <area>, <b>, <bdo>, <big>, <blockquote>, <body>, <button>, <caption>, <cite>, <code>, <dd>, <dfn>, <div>, <dl>, <dt>, <em>, <fieldset>, <form>, <h1> to <h6>, <hr>, <i>, <img>, <input>, <kbd>, <label>, <legend>, <li>, <map>, <ol>, <p>, <pre>, <samp>, <select>, <small>, <span>, <strong>, <sub>, <sup>, <table>, <tbody>, <td>, <textarea>, <tfoot>, <th>, <thead>, <tr>, <tt>, <ul>, <var>

Supported by the following JavaScript objects:

button, document, link

Example 1

In this example an alert box is displayed when clicking on the picture:

<img src="image.gif" 
onmousedown="alert('You clicked the picture!')">
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