SQL FORMAT() Function

The FORMAT() Function

The FORMAT() function is used to format how a field is to be displayed.


SELECT FORMAT(column_name,format) FROM table_name

Parameter Description
column_name Required. The field to be formatted.
format Required. Specifies the format.

SQL FORMAT() Example

We have the following "Products" table:

Prod_Id ProductName Unit UnitPrice
1 Jarlsberg 1000 g 10.45
2 Mascarpone 1000 g 32.56
3 Gorgonzola 1000 g 15.67

Now we want to display the products and prices per today's date (with today's date displayed in the following format "YYYY-MM-DD").
We use the following SELECT statement:

SELECT ProductName, UnitPrice, FORMAT(Now(),
'YYYY-MM-DD') as PerDate FROM Products
The result-set will look like this:

ProductName UnitPrice PerDate
Jarlsberg 10.45 2008-10-07
Mascarpone 32.56 2008-10-07
Gorgonzola 15.67 2008-10-07
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