SAD12-Initial Investigation

The identification of a need is the first step in the system development life cycle. This is a user’s request to change, improve, or enhance an existing system. Because there is likely to be a stream of such requests, standard procedures must be established to deal with them. The initial investigation is one way of handling such request. The objective is to determine whether the request is valid and feasible before a recommendation is reached to do nothing, improve or modify the existing system or existing one.

The user’s request form specifies the following:

1. User-assigned title of work requested
2. Nature of work requested
3. The date the request was submitted.
4. The date the job should be completed
5. Job objectives – purpose of job requested
6. Expected benefits to be derived from proposed change
7. Input/output description – quantity of inputs and outputs of proposed change
8. Requester’s signature, title, department and phone number
9. Signature, title, department and phone number of person approving the request.

The user request identifies the need for change and authorizes the initial investigation. It may undergo several modifications before it becomes a written commitment. Once the request is approved, the following activities are carried out
  • Background investigation
  • Fact-finding and analysis 
  • Presentation of results – called project proposal.
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