ADO UpdateBatch Method

The UpdateBatch method is used to save all changes in a Recordset to the database. This method is used when you are working on a Recordset in batch update mode.
If the save operation fails, a run-time error occurs and the errors are stored in the Errors collection.

Tip: The CancelBatch method cancels all batch updates.
Note: Not all Recordset objects supports batch updating.


bool=objRecordset.UpdateBatch affectrecords

Parameter Description
affectrecords Optional. An AffectEnum value that specifies which records this method will affect. Note: The value adAffectGroup will generate an error if there are no visible records in the Recordset

AffectEnum Values

Constant Value Description
adAffectCurrent 1 Affects only the current record
adAffectGroup 2 Affects only records that satisfy the Filter setting (Filter must be set to a FilterGroupEnum value or an array of Bookmarks)
adAffectAll 3 Affects all records if there is no Filter. Affects only visible records in the current chapter if Filter is set to a string criteria. Affect all rows of the Recordset if Filter is set to a FilterGroupEnum value or an array of Bookmarks
adAffectAllChapters 4 Affects all records in all child Recordset, including those hidden by a currently applied filter

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