SAD-Major Development Activities

Several development activities are carried out during structured design. They are database design, implementation planning, system test preparation, system interface specification, and user documentation.

1.Database design: This activity deals with the design of the physical database. A key is to determine how the access paths are to be implemented. A physical path is derived from a logical path. It may be implemented by pointers, chains or other mechanisms.

2.Program design: In conjunction with database is a decision on the programming language to be used and the flowcharting, coding and debugging procedure prior to conversion. The operating system limits the programming languages that will run on the  system. When the system design is done, the plans and test cases for implementation are required. So there must be detailed schedules for system testing and user training.

3.System and Program test preparation: Each aspect of the system has a separate test requirement. System testing is done after all programming and testing is completed. Acceptance testing is another testing that convinces the user that the candidate system will meet the stated requirements. It is conducted in the presence of users, audit representatives or the entire staff.

4.System interface specification: This phase specifies for the user the way in which information should enter and leave the system. The designer offers the user various options.

Before the system is ready for implementation, user documentation in the form of a user or operator’s manual must be prepared. The manual provides instructions on how to access, update, or retrieve information, how to display or print output, in what format and so on.

Personnel Allocation: The structured approach is useful in planning process. A completed structure chart gives an idea of the work to be done. Programmers are the assigned appropriately. Programmers are assigned subsystems that are strongly cohesive and loosely coupled. Once modules are allocated, roles are allocated within each team and the designer oversees all the work. Assigning modules are very important. Modules at the bottom are important because they represent the user interface. So a team with specialized skills should be assigned to such a module.
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