SAD-Role Of Database Administrator

A database is a shared resource. When two or more users use the same data, then problems arise. It is the job of the database administrator to resolve these conflicts like ownership, priority of access. The job of the database administrator is to protect and manage the data.

Activities performed:

1.Managing data activities: The DBA manages database activities by providing standards, control procedures, documentation. Standardization is important in a centralized environment. Every record should have a standard name, format, and unique strategy for access. DBA is concerned about data access and modification. It also decides on the authorization with the help of locks. The user must be capable of identifying errors. So training and maintaining documentation is important.

2.Managing data base structure: Has to maintain the schemas, control redundancy,, control of change requests, implement changes and maintain user documents. Thus thje DBA has to maintain all these information.

3.Managing DBMS: DBA has to maintain CPU, system efficiency standards, elapsed time, inquiry time. The DBA investigates user performance and keeps the system in tune with the user requirements. It is the DBA’s responsibility to evaluate changes and determine their impact on the database environment.
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