SAD-System Security

System security refers to the technical innovations and procedures applied to the hardware and operating systems to protect against deliberations or accidental damage from a defined threat.

System integrity refers to the proper functioning of hardware and programs, appropriate physical security and safety against external threats such as eaves dropping and wiretapping.

Privacy defines the rights of the users or organizations to determine what information they are willing to share with or accept from others and how the organization can be protected against unwelcome, unfair, or excessive dissemination of information about it.

Confidentiality is a special status given to sensitive information in a database to minimize the possible invasion of privacy.

An organization that depends heavily on the use of databases requires special controls to maintain viable information. These controls are classified into three general categories:
  1. Physical security or protection from fire, flood, and other physical damage.
  2. Database integrity through data validation techniques.
  3. Control measures through passwords, encryption, and monitoring users on a regular basis.
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