CST(18)-Shippable Places

A place is a visual assembly of related components. A shippable place is a mobile container of components; it’s a place that can be shipped over the net. Shippable places let you interact with multiple places that represent environments based on real-world models; its like having multiple desktops. So a place is a mini virtual world that servers can ship to their clients; it’s a shippable front-end for all kinds of specialized Internet services and server objects. Places allow servers to automatically update their desktop. So a place can be a dynamic assembly of ever changing data, video feeds and other live content.

Web technology made it possible for servers to ship HTML pages to clients where they are displayed in GUI formats. The web then evolved to support HTML based forms that let clients send their data to the servers. With Java servers can now embed code in the form of applets. Finally we have shippable places. Like a page, a place can contain Java components. But unlike a page, a place does not go away after you switch pages. It lives on the desktop. A place also has its own storage, so it remembers users preferences and maintains active links to outside world.
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