CST(6)-Intergalactic Client/Server

Client/server applications stand at a new threshold brought on by
  •  the exponential increase of low cost bandwidth on WAN
  •  a new generation of network enabled, multithreaded OS such as OS/2 Warp Connect
This new threshold marks the beginning of a transition from Ethernet Client/Server to Intergalactic client/server.

Some of the key technologies that are needed at the client/server application level to make all this happen:

Rich Transaction Processing:

The new environment requires nested transactions that can span across multiple servers, long-lived transactions that can execute over longer periods and queued transactions that can be used in secure business-to-business dealings. Most nodes on the network should be able to participate in a secured transaction.

Roaming Agents:

The new environment will be populated with electronic agents of all types. Consumers will have personal agents that look after their interests; business will deploy agents to sell wares across the network; sniffer agents sitting on the network all the time collecting information to do system management.

Rich Data Management:

This includes active multimedia compound documents that can be moved, stored, and edited in place any where on the network. Most nodes on the network must provide compound document technology for doing mobile document management.

Intelligent self-managing entities:

With the introduction of multi-threaded, high volume, network ready desktop operating systems, a world where millions of machines will be both clients and servers are anticipated. A system administrator can be replaced by distributed software that knows how to manage and configure itself and protect against threats.

Intelligent middleware:

The distributed environment must provide the illusion of a single system image across potentially millions of machines. The middleware must create this illusion by making all servers on the global network appear to behave like a single computer system.
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