CST(21)-Client OS Trends

Some of the trends that are developing in the client industry are,

The desktop is becoming more fragmented:

The move to 32 bit OS is fragmenting the desktop. Unlike its predecessors, Dos and windows 3.X does not own the client. Microsoft Windows has four competing clients to choose from: Windows 3.X, Windows for workgroups, Windows 95 and NT Workstation. IN addition to Windows, OS/2 Warp is well established on corporate desktops and Mac OS among the internet crowd.

The web will generate a huge demand for Java PCs:

These are PSs that natively run a Java OS. Sun calls its Java OS system Kona. There will be a huge demand anticipated for network PCs that run Kona. The idea here is that Java PCs may be easier to use, maintain and upgrade than current PCs. They will bring to the web, millions of users who cant afford the cost of ownership of a full-blown OS.

There will be a huge demand for fat PCs:

These are ordinary PCs that can act as both clients and servers. These servers must be shrink-wrapped; so that there is no need to afford a system administrator with each server.

Shippable places will become the new desktops:

Today user live within the Windows desktop. Soon, they will be living in their favorite place. These are the virtual worlds that connect users with the network at large. For example, there will be places for lawyers, dentists and 12 year olds. The desktop is no longer a single monolithic place. Instead there will be multiple places to choose from.

Embedded Clients will be everywhere:

Millions of little network nodes are installed in fuel injectors, copy machines, refrigerators, cash registers, telephony devices, automated teller machines and pick-up tucks. These nodes require an OS with a small footprint that can also run some form of client/server middleware. Again a Java OS improved with a CORBA ORB is needed for this embedded environment. Novell is also working on an OS called Nested Netware.
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