CST(34)-SQL Database Servers

SQL servers are the dominant models for creating client/server applications. SQL server vendors- is including Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Ingres, and Gupta.

The Fundamentals Of SQL and Relational Databases

Perhaps the most important trend among database servers of any size is the emergence of SQL as the lingua franca for the manipulation, definition, and control of data. SQL, now an ISO standard, is powerful set-oriented language consisting of a few commands; it was created as language for database that adhere to the relational model.

SQL’s Relational Origins
E.F.Codd developed the relational model of databse management at IBM’s San Jose Research Lab in the early 1970’s. SQL language is consists English-like language, commands. It is highly flexible. The relational model calls for a clear separation of the physical aspects of data from their logical representation. Data is made to appear as simple tables that mask the complexity of the storage access mechanisms. The model frees you from having to concern yourself with the details of how the data is stored and makes the access to data purely logical. Using SQL statements, you only need to specify the tables, columns, and row qualifiers to get to any data item. Oracle Corporation was the first company to offer a commercial version of SQL with its Oracle database in 1979.The emergence of SQL client tools that can work across servers is heating up the competition even more, making SQL a horizontal industry where you can “mix-and-match” front-end-tools with back-end servers.
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