CST(35)-What Does A Database Server Do

In a database-centric client/server architecture
  •  A client application usually requests data and data-related services (such as sorting and filtering) from a database server.
  •  It provides secured access to shared data.
  •  A client application can, with a single SQL statement, retrieve and modify a set of server database records. The SQL database engine can filter the query results sets, resulting in considerable data communication savings.
  •  SQL server manages the control and execution of SQL commands.
  •  Its provides the logical and physical views of the data and generates optimized access plans for executing the SQL data.
  •  It provides server administration features and utilities that help manage the data.
  •  SQL server allows multiple applications to access the same database at the same time, it must protect the database from all external and internal threats.
  •  Server manages concurrency consistency and security aspects of database. This includes controlling the execution of a transaction and undoing its effects if it fails. This also includes obtaining and releasing locks during the course of executing a transaction and protecting database objects from unauthorized access.
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