CST(39)-Decision-Support System

Decision-Support Systems (DSS) are used to analyze data and create reports. They provide the business professional and information hounds with the means to obtain exactly the information they need. A successful decision-support system must provide the user flexible access to data and the tools to manipulate and present that data in all kinds of report formats. Users should be able to construct elaborate queries, answer “what if” questions, search for correlations in the data, plot the data, and move it into other applications such as spreadsheets and word processor documents. Decision-support systems are not generally time-critical and can tolerate slower response times. Client/Server decision support systems are typically not suitable for mission-critical production environments. They have poor integrity controls and limited multitables access capabilities. Finding information may involve large quantities of data, which means that the level of concurrency control is not very granular; for example, a user may want to view and update an entire table.

Decision-support systems are built using a new generation of screen-layout tools that allow non-programmers to build GUI front-ends and reports by painting, pointing, and clicking. Point-and-click query builders take the work out of formulating questions.
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