CST(40)-Executive Information System

Executive Information Systems (EIS) are even more powerful, easy-to-use, and business-specific than DSS tools. And they’re certainly more expensive, which may explain why the “executive” attribute is in the name. In any case, distinctions between EIS and DSS are becoming less clear. The EIS tools have recently expanded their scope and offer a broader range of functions at the enterprise level. These evolving EIS/DSS systems referred to as Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) or Multidimensional Analysis (MDA) tools. At the upper echelons, they’re called Data Mining tools or Intelligent Agents. 
Because these tools were originally designed for executives, all information is presented in highly visual forms. Extraneous details are filtered out to suit the user’s needs. These tools offer unique features –including “hot spot” finders, “slice and dice”,” goal seekers”, and “drill-downs” to related information. They also provide more mundane features – including graphs, charts, and statistical analysis, trends, queries, reports, and project management. The tools specialize in presenting information using visual metaphors that make it easy to navigate and sift through tons of data. Some of the better tools are used to discover late-breaking news on competitors, suppliers, government legislation, market research, economic conditions, or the latest stock market quotes
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