CST(57)-TP Monitor Standards

A standard for the TP monitor is required because transaction process monitor runs on different operating systems and platform with access to different databases and resource mangers.

These applications are most likely developed using different tools and there is absolutely no knowledge of each other. The two different standards for the transaction process monitor are
  1. X/ Open DTP reference model – Vintage 1991
  2. X/Open DTP reference model – Vintage 1994
The primary purpose of introducing a model is to define the interfaces and components of a transaction system. The first reference model consists of three sub divisions they are
  1.  Resource Manager
  2.  Transaction Manager
  3.  Application Program.
A resource manager is a any piece of software that manages shared resources for example a database manager , a persistent queue or transactional file system.

The transactions manager controls the resource manager and it communicates with the resources manager with a X/ open interface . The transaction manger uses the xa interface API calls and the resource manager uses the ax interface API calls and both the interface definitions are present in their respective receiving ends.

An application program uses the general API supplied by a resource manager but it issues the transaction bracketing calls directly to the transaction manager bracketing calls directly to the transaction manager via TX interface. For Example sql commands are application API s which involve in the communication.
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