CST(58)-Client Server Groupware

Groupware is a software that supports the creation , flow and tracking of non structured information in direct support of collaborative group activity. It builds on five foundation technologies such as multimedia document management , work flow, e mail, conferencing and scheduling . The main advantage of groupware are the effective communication between two or more people.

Differences between groupware and SQL databases :

SQL databases deals with some structured data that is accessed by some SQL queries . A groupware deals highly unstructured data including text , image , graphics , faxes , mail and other accessories. Groupware provides tools to capture this data at the point of entry and organize into a nebulous thing called document. The document is to a work group as table is to a SQL database . It can move these documents through a electronic mail and database replicas . SQL databases are hopeless alternative when data is unstructured and if the data is concerned with Multimedia.

Differences between Groupware and a TP monitor :
Groupware never uses two phase commit protocol to synchronize the distributed changes across resource managers. It never cares for ACID properties.

Components of a Groupware :

Electronic imaging to multimedia document management :

In 1960 paper works where replaced by microfilm and computer aided retrieval system . The technology made online storage and display of images are economical. The client server architecture of the document management is as follows

Client Side :

Client PC acts as a front end to access images which are stored in image servers. The scanner attached to the client PC digitizes the image through a process. After being digitized the image is displayed and checked for quality if it is re scanned if necessary. While the image is displayed information is extracted from it by an operator who enters the data in a GUI based form. It is assigned an index or identification code so that it can be retrieved latter. A software and hardware co processor compresses the images and sends them to the server where they get stored. The client can always access the documents in the server and visually display them . An image can be reviewed , printed , faxed and automated with red lines or as electronic notes and so on.

Server Side :

Server manages electronic renditions of file cabinets . A document comprises a series of multimedia pages . Workflow automates the movement from one business operation to another. The image server uses the rules to control the routing which may be based on the document age priority etc. User profiles and work queues are created and maintained on the server to specify the type of work to receive. Reporting facilities allow manager to monitor the volume and types of work in the progress in the system.

Trade off between cost and performance are there.

Groupware multimedia document management :

This is generalization of the file cabinet . The basic unit of storage in groupware is the document.

Lotus notes supports multiple data types like including text images graphics voice clips and video. Notes also supports full text indexing . Lotus notes rovides document centric and multimedia enabled database technology.
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