CST(59)-Work Flow

Workflow can be used automatically route events and work from one program to the next in structured and unstructured client / server. The New Work flow system is more advantageous in various aspects they are there is support for a various adhoc user need at a low cost , the integration with the application without any constraints and it also comes with GUI based programming components called as visual metaphors which makes user interface. They us e RPC and email to inform that human interaction of human beings . It provides facilities for tracking work in progress. This also provides facilities to monitor work in progress. The most of the packages allow to query the status for work in progress and what stage of the work flow is in . Some of the better packages help you to monitor this quickly. It also provides users with the tools to complete an action . The tools convey an action and tools explain how to perform the requested action. The heart of the work flow system is the server that receives the requests and events from various client work station and interprets them to a user defined work flow. The work flow server acts as a clearing house that determine what needs to b done next used on the global state of the system.
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