CST(60)-Electronic Mail Component

The electronic mail is the only process to communicate with the human beings and it is used to send something to other with out making a real time connection , the recipients do not have to respond to senders until they are ready to do so. This exchange of work is called as electronic data interchange and it also provides store and forward mechanism to store the messages sent to a destination , that is the destination may not be free at the time of need so the message or content is stored in a intermediate server and message can be passed. The simple messaging services done by an email component is addressing , sending and receiving messages and it should enable the users to open and read the messages and it is delivered to the message store . The address book and directory services is also provided and a group of recipients can be sent the same mail. These operations are done by the API and it lets the components of a mail object.

E mail Infra structure :

There is a crucial distinction between the mail application the front end and mail infra structure back end . To communicate between two computers you need to hook into a server to server back bone. There are two ways to do that they are
  1. Gateways
  2.  Mail back bone
Gateways :

We need one gateways for each different email system . Gateways also limit some functions like the capability to search an address. They are also poor at providing synchronized directory management , global system management and so on.

Mail Back Bone :

The contenders are the X. 400 international standard , Novells message handling services and simple message transport protocol. These various protocols used in all common mail API are
  1. Vendor independent messaging
  2. Messaging API
  3. Common mail calls.
Vendor independent Messaging : VIM is an interface that is jointly backed by lotus apple , IBM , Borland , oracle .VIM was designed from the ground up as a cross platform services . VIM consists of more than 55 API calls and 10 are optional that support simple mail message store and address book services.

Messaging API Messaging API is Microsoft WOSA offering for email . MAPI started out as a windows first cline t API its window DLL that works primarily with Microsoft mail back ends. MAPI consists of 12 API calls . Extended MAPI a technology is partially implemented that supports 100 API calls.

Common Mail Calls : CMC is the X. 400 association interface it was published in June 1993 as part of a negotiated truce in mail API and VIM and MAPI endorse it. This is the weakest of the all the three .

Scheduling and Calendaring :

It displays the what to do list . This is a client server based scheduling and calendaring .A WF manager can automatically add a meeting to the calendars. It also declares who is on variation and it is done by calendaring and scheduling API.

Conferencing :

Conferencing is nothing but electronic meeting electronic whiteboards are used for real time conferencing . Any time conferencing is also possible u can join whenever u want and u can have when u want to.  
Example : Video conferencing.
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