CORBA expands Common Object Request Broker Architecture . It is the product of the consortium Object management group. Microsoft has its own counterpart Distributed Component Object Model. CORBA was designed to allow intelligent components to discover each other and interoperate on a bus . It is also used to create objects deleting objects storing objects in a data store.

Distributed Objects :

OMG s secret of success is that it creates interface specifications and not code. The Specifications are written in a neutral interface definition language . Components written in a neutral interface definition language. Components written in IDL should be portable across languages , tools , operating system and networks. CORBA distributed objects are one which can live any where in the networks which can be accessed through remote method invocations. The client need not care about the operating system on which the server is operating.. Even the client need not know how the server object is implemented. The server object must be a set of C++ classes or a set of COBOL code. The IDL interface acts as a binding contract between client and the server.

Interface definition language

No implementation details are provided and API can be concisely defined even for important issues like error handling . The IDL methods can be invoked from any language like C, C++, Ada and smalltalk. It allows client and a server written in two different languages to interoperate. The IDL grammar is a subset of C++ grammar so it can support all pre processing structures and pragmas.

IDLs main tasks are
  1.  It will turn everything to nails
  2.  It will give everyone a hammer.
The nail is CORBA IDL it provides a standard definition language the interface and structure of the language they provide. For one object to make a request to another object the target object interface is required . The CORBA interface repository is used to hold all details about the object interface.

The hammer includes the set of distributed services which are on the network , which methods they provide, and which object interfaces they support.
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